The definition of friendhip is :a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. That would be the definition as per the dictionary, for me it holds a different definition.

Through the years i have had many friends, some are still with me and some are no longer part of my life. those are the ones that were just passing through, the ones that were there just for the good times and when the going gets tough, they miraculously disappear.

There are the long time friends that you have known forever and even though you may not see them or hear from them in a while, you know deep down that they are one phone call away.You pick up the phone and you continue the conversation you left off the last time you spoke or saw each other. They listen to you, really listen, no judgement, no criticism.

Another type of friend is the one that ” i need something from you” and then when they get what they want , they play the disappearing act. This happens quite often as i have  a tendency to help people, without realising that it is just an act or they befriend you for some personal gain.

The interesting friendships are when you bond with someone who you never thought that you would become friends with.They have all the characteristic of ” i don’t make friends ” and when you least expect it they enter you life and become long lasting friends.

There is another kind of person, which you may or may not call “friend” Someone you meet under strage circumstances. Like in a waiting room and you start chatting and you end up by exchanging phone numbers. A family member that you have met a few times in your life and become friends and you enjoy talking to them.

There are so many definitions of FRIENDS.



Disability parking!

What a day! 

My husband and i decided to go shopping and make a day of it, basically we just wanted to browse and spend the day away from our everyday routine. We travelled to a city not too far from home. Our first stop was a mall ( which is rare in Greece ) and parked our car in a Disabled parking. We spent an hour or so shopping and decided that we would move on. Getting back to our car, and to our surprise, in the next disabled parking space there was a fair size truck parked diagonally, I guess the person was in a rush to get to the Sales.  Needless to say, i checked to see if the person was allowed to park there. Low and behold, NO, and to make things worse i could not get my husband in the car as the wheelchair could not get to the passenger door, to put it mildly, i was fuming. I got the car out of the parking space, loaded our purchases and off we went………..( still fuming and ranting ).

Next stop….We decided to stop at IKEA, which has a HUGE parking lot and 7 or 8 disabled parking space. I guess you can imagine , once again, no space available. I am assuming that because of the rain, those spaces were closer to the entrance and so much easier to park instead of going 3 spaces further down. The hairdos and pretty clothes would get ruined in the rain,,,so sad. Meanwhile, i had to park at the far end of the parking lane ( it had stopped raining at that point ) so i guess we should be thankful. As we are wheeling towards the store, one of the nice people that parked in the disabled parking space was putting his purchases in his car and i pleasantly asked him if he should have parked there, he replied NO, i am sorry and asked if he should remove the car….My reply was ” too late don’t you think?” shrugged his shoulders and went back inside the store. I guess people still do not realise what those spaces are for.

The best of all is when they park in front of a ramp…I am no superwoman to haul my spouse and the wheelchair up on the sidewalk.

What happened to sensitivity towards the disabled….Do people really think that the disabled want to be in the wheelchair? All they ask and want is to be able to access the same places that everybody else does….is that so hard to understand?

Disability parking!

The Real me

As we all know, the internet has opened up so many doors to many discussions, subjects and millions of opinions. All these blogs lead me to think that i should join in and throw my eggs into the basket. There is no specific reason for this blog, it is just a fun way to discuss my daily life, anecdotes and different experiences

In the past, we used to write a diary, actually, i have come to think that blogs can also be therapeutic in some way. In the past we used to write our thoughts in a diary, our experiences of our daily life, our feelings, the sad and happy events that we lived through and that have marked our lives.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Canadian born but now live in the beautiful country of Greece for the past 25 years. As we all know, this country is presently going through the worst financial crisis ever, but the sun still shines and the Greeks still try to find something to smile about. I am a teacher and i love kids, i am sure i will have stories about the funny side of of KIDS. I love to travel and i still dream of many places that i would love to visit. i am sure i will tell you more as i go along. In the course of this blog, i will try to recount certain stories, anecdotes and just generally about my life here and anything else that comes to mind.

Although i have been here more than 25 years i am still considered “the foreigner”. , which is fine, but i should mention that at times i do miss the air of Canada. Although i know, that i will never move back, i still miss it.

I should mention that I had some trouble finding a title for this blog. i believe that the title ME ON THINGS,  represents me somehow. i hope that whoever reads this blog will enjoy it as much as i will writing it.

Happy reading!

The Real me