The Real me

As we all know, the internet has opened up so many doors to many discussions, subjects and millions of opinions. All these blogs lead me to think that i should join in and throw my eggs into the basket. There is no specific reason for this blog, it is just a fun way to discuss my daily life, anecdotes and different experiences

In the past, we used to write a diary, actually, i have come to think that blogs can also be therapeutic in some way. In the past we used to write our thoughts in a diary, our experiences of our daily life, our feelings, the sad and happy events that we lived through and that have marked our lives.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Canadian born but now live in the beautiful country of Greece for the past 25 years. As we all know, this country is presently going through the worst financial crisis ever, but the sun still shines and the Greeks still try to find something to smile about. I am a teacher and i love kids, i am sure i will have stories about the funny side of of KIDS. I love to travel and i still dream of many places that i would love to visit. i am sure i will tell you more as i go along. In the course of this blog, i will try to recount certain stories, anecdotes and just generally about my life here and anything else that comes to mind.

Although i have been here more than 25 years i am still considered “the foreigner”. , which is fine, but i should mention that at times i do miss the air of Canada. Although i know, that i will never move back, i still miss it.

I should mention that I had some trouble finding a title for this blog. i believe that the title ME ON THINGS,  represents me somehow. i hope that whoever reads this blog will enjoy it as much as i will writing it.

Happy reading!

The Real me

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